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void enet_host_broadcast ( ENetHost host,
enet_uint8  channelID,
ENetPacket packet 

Queues a packet to be sent to all peers associated with the host.

host host on which to broadcast the packet
channelID channel on which to broadcast
packet packet to broadcast

Definition at line 190 of file host.c.

References enet_packet_destroy(), and enet_peer_send().

    ENetPeer * currentPeer;

    for (currentPeer = host -> peers;
         currentPeer < & host -> peers [host -> peerCount];
         ++ currentPeer)
       if (currentPeer -> state != ENET_PEER_STATE_CONNECTED)

       enet_peer_send (currentPeer, channelID, packet);

    if (packet -> referenceCount == 0)
      enet_packet_destroy (packet);

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