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/* Egoboo - id_normals.c
 * Md2 model lighting normal lookup table
 * I think this looks very ugly - Zefz

    This file is part of Egoboo.

    Egoboo is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    Egoboo is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
    WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with Egoboo.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

{ -0.525731f, 0.000000f, 0.850651f},
{ -0.442863f, 0.238856f, 0.864188f},
{ -0.295242f, 0.000000f, 0.955423f},
{ -0.309017f, 0.500000f, 0.809017f},
{ -0.162460f, 0.262866f, 0.951056f},
{0.000000f, 0.000000f, 1.000000f},
{0.000000f, 0.850651f, 0.525731f},
{ -0.147621f, 0.716567f, 0.681718f},
{0.147621f, 0.716567f, 0.681718f},
{0.000000f, 0.525731f, 0.850651f},
{0.309017f, 0.500000f, 0.809017f},
{0.525731f, 0.000000f, 0.850651f},
{0.295242f, 0.000000f, 0.955423f},
{0.442863f, 0.238856f, 0.864188f},
{0.162460f, 0.262866f, 0.951056f},
{ -0.681718f, 0.147621f, 0.716567f},
{ -0.809017f, 0.309017f, 0.500000f},
{ -0.587785f, 0.425325f, 0.688191f},
{ -0.850651f, 0.525731f, 0.000000f},
{ -0.864188f, 0.442863f, 0.238856f},
{ -0.716567f, 0.681718f, 0.147621f},
{ -0.688191f, 0.587785f, 0.425325f},
{ -0.500000f, 0.809017f, 0.309017f},
{ -0.238856f, 0.864188f, 0.442863f},
{ -0.425325f, 0.688191f, 0.587785f},
{ -0.716567f, 0.681718f, -0.147621f},
{ -0.500000f, 0.809017f, -0.309017f},
{ -0.525731f, 0.850651f, 0.000000f},
{0.000000f, 0.850651f, -0.525731f},
{ -0.238856f, 0.864188f, -0.442863f},
{0.000000f, 0.955423f, -0.295242f},
{ -0.262866f, 0.951056f, -0.162460f},
{0.000000f, 1.000000f, 0.000000f},
{0.000000f, 0.955423f, 0.295242f},
{ -0.262866f, 0.951056f, 0.162460f},
{0.238856f, 0.864188f, 0.442863f},
{0.262866f, 0.951056f, 0.162460f},
{0.500000f, 0.809017f, 0.309017f},
{0.238856f, 0.864188f, -0.442863f},
{0.262866f, 0.951056f, -0.162460f},
{0.500000f, 0.809017f, -0.309017f},
{0.850651f, 0.525731f, 0.000000f},
{0.716567f, 0.681718f, 0.147621f},
{0.716567f, 0.681718f, -0.147621f},
{0.525731f, 0.850651f, 0.000000f},
{0.425325f, 0.688191f, 0.587785f},
{0.864188f, 0.442863f, 0.238856f},
{0.688191f, 0.587785f, 0.425325f},
{0.809017f, 0.309017f, 0.500000f},
{0.681718f, 0.147621f, 0.716567f},
{0.587785f, 0.425325f, 0.688191f},
{0.955423f, 0.295242f, 0.000000f},
{1.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.000000f},
{0.951056f, 0.162460f, 0.262866f},
{0.850651f, -0.525731f, 0.000000f},
{0.955423f, -0.295242f, 0.000000f},
{0.864188f, -0.442863f, 0.238856f},
{0.951056f, -0.162460f, 0.262866f},
{0.809017f, -0.309017f, 0.500000f},
{0.681718f, -0.147621f, 0.716567f},
{0.850651f, 0.000000f, 0.525731f},
{0.864188f, 0.442863f, -0.238856f},
{0.809017f, 0.309017f, -0.500000f},
{0.951056f, 0.162460f, -0.262866f},
{0.525731f, 0.000000f, -0.850651f},
{0.681718f, 0.147621f, -0.716567f},
{0.681718f, -0.147621f, -0.716567f},
{0.850651f, 0.000000f, -0.525731f},
{0.809017f, -0.309017f, -0.500000f},
{0.864188f, -0.442863f, -0.238856f},
{0.951056f, -0.162460f, -0.262866f},
{0.147621f, 0.716567f, -0.681718f},
{0.309017f, 0.500000f, -0.809017f},
{0.425325f, 0.688191f, -0.587785f},
{0.442863f, 0.238856f, -0.864188f},
{0.587785f, 0.425325f, -0.688191f},
{0.688191f, 0.587785f, -0.425325f},
{ -0.147621f, 0.716567f, -0.681718f},
{ -0.309017f, 0.500000f, -0.809017f},
{0.000000f, 0.525731f, -0.850651f},
{ -0.525731f, 0.000000f, -0.850651f},
{ -0.442863f, 0.238856f, -0.864188f},
{ -0.295242f, 0.000000f, -0.955423f},
{ -0.162460f, 0.262866f, -0.951056f},
{0.000000f, 0.000000f, -1.000000f},
{0.295242f, 0.000000f, -0.955423f},
{0.162460f, 0.262866f, -0.951056f},
{ -0.442863f, -0.238856f, -0.864188f},
{ -0.309017f, -0.500000f, -0.809017f},
{ -0.162460f, -0.262866f, -0.951056f},
{0.000000f, -0.850651f, -0.525731f},
{ -0.147621f, -0.716567f, -0.681718f},
{0.147621f, -0.716567f, -0.681718f},
{0.000000f, -0.525731f, -0.850651f},
{0.309017f, -0.500000f, -0.809017f},
{0.442863f, -0.238856f, -0.864188f},
{0.162460f, -0.262866f, -0.951056f},
{0.238856f, -0.864188f, -0.442863f},
{0.500000f, -0.809017f, -0.309017f},
{0.425325f, -0.688191f, -0.587785f},
{0.716567f, -0.681718f, -0.147621f},
{0.688191f, -0.587785f, -0.425325f},
{0.587785f, -0.425325f, -0.688191f},
{0.000000f, -0.955423f, -0.295242f},
{0.000000f, -1.000000f, 0.000000f},
{0.262866f, -0.951056f, -0.162460f},
{0.000000f, -0.850651f, 0.525731f},
{0.000000f, -0.955423f, 0.295242f},
{0.238856f, -0.864188f, 0.442863f},
{0.262866f, -0.951056f, 0.162460f},
{0.500000f, -0.809017f, 0.309017f},
{0.716567f, -0.681718f, 0.147621f},
{0.525731f, -0.850651f, 0.000000f},
{ -0.238856f, -0.864188f, -0.442863f},
{ -0.500000f, -0.809017f, -0.309017f},
{ -0.262866f, -0.951056f, -0.162460f},
{ -0.850651f, -0.525731f, 0.000000f},
{ -0.716567f, -0.681718f, -0.147621f},
{ -0.716567f, -0.681718f, 0.147621f},
{ -0.525731f, -0.850651f, 0.000000f},
{ -0.500000f, -0.809017f, 0.309017f},
{ -0.238856f, -0.864188f, 0.442863f},
{ -0.262866f, -0.951056f, 0.162460f},
{ -0.864188f, -0.442863f, 0.238856f},
{ -0.809017f, -0.309017f, 0.500000f},
{ -0.688191f, -0.587785f, 0.425325f},
{ -0.681718f, -0.147621f, 0.716567f},
{ -0.442863f, -0.238856f, 0.864188f},
{ -0.587785f, -0.425325f, 0.688191f},
{ -0.309017f, -0.500000f, 0.809017f},
{ -0.147621f, -0.716567f, 0.681718f},
{ -0.425325f, -0.688191f, 0.587785f},
{ -0.162460f, -0.262866f, 0.951056f},
{0.442863f, -0.238856f, 0.864188f},
{0.162460f, -0.262866f, 0.951056f},
{0.309017f, -0.500000f, 0.809017f},
{0.147621f, -0.716567f, 0.681718f},
{0.000000f, -0.525731f, 0.850651f},
{0.425325f, -0.688191f, 0.587785f},
{0.587785f, -0.425325f, 0.688191f},
{0.688191f, -0.587785f, 0.425325f},
{ -0.955423f, 0.295242f, 0.000000f},
{ -0.951056f, 0.162460f, 0.262866f},
{ -1.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.000000f},
{ -0.850651f, 0.000000f, 0.525731f},
{ -0.955423f, -0.295242f, 0.000000f},
{ -0.951056f, -0.162460f, 0.262866f},
{ -0.864188f, 0.442863f, -0.238856f},
{ -0.951056f, 0.162460f, -0.262866f},
{ -0.809017f, 0.309017f, -0.500000f},
{ -0.864188f, -0.442863f, -0.238856f},
{ -0.951056f, -0.162460f, -0.262866f},
{ -0.809017f, -0.309017f, -0.500000f},
{ -0.681718f, 0.147621f, -0.716567f},
{ -0.681718f, -0.147621f, -0.716567f},
{ -0.850651f, 0.000000f, -0.525731f},
{ -0.688191f, 0.587785f, -0.425325f},
{ -0.587785f, 0.425325f, -0.688191f},
{ -0.425325f, 0.688191f, -0.587785f},
{ -0.425325f, -0.688191f, -0.587785f},
{ -0.587785f, -0.425325f, -0.688191f},
{ -0.688191f, -0.587785f, -0.425325f}

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