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peer.c File Reference

Detailed Description

ENet peer management functions.

Definition in file peer.c.

#include "enet/memory.h"
#include "enet/enet.h"

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void enet_peer_disconnect (ENetPeer *peer)
void enet_peer_disconnect_now (ENetPeer *peer)
void enet_peer_ping (ENetPeer *peer)
ENetAcknowledgement * enet_peer_queue_acknowledgement (ENetPeer *peer, const ENetProtocol *command, enet_uint32 sentTime)
ENetIncomingCommand * enet_peer_queue_incoming_command (ENetPeer *peer, const ENetProtocol *command, ENetPacket *packet, enet_uint32 fragmentCount)
ENetOutgoingCommand * enet_peer_queue_outgoing_command (ENetPeer *peer, const ENetProtocol *command, ENetPacket *packet, enet_uint32 offset, enet_uint16 length)
ENetPacketenet_peer_receive (ENetPeer *peer, enet_uint8 channelID)
void enet_peer_reset (ENetPeer *peer)
static void enet_peer_reset_incoming_commands (ENetList *queue)
static void enet_peer_reset_outgoing_commands (ENetList *queue)
void enet_peer_reset_queues (ENetPeer *peer)
int enet_peer_send (ENetPeer *peer, enet_uint8 channelID, ENetPacket *packet)
int enet_peer_throttle (ENetPeer *peer, enet_uint32 rtt)
void enet_peer_throttle_configure (ENetPeer *peer, enet_uint32 interval, enet_uint32 acceleration, enet_uint32 deceleration)

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